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eLearning Courses

In each package, you gain entry to an extensive library of thousands of course bundles, accompanied by evaluations, credentials, and mobile app compatibility. The package further encompasses advanced learning attributes involving the tracking of progress, skills insights, and guidance on recommended courses. It also extends consultative services encompassing tailored consultation. Content curation, skills strategizing, and proficiency assessment. This offering is versatile in terms of integration, billing, and comprehensive support through technical assistance and expert.

Business Essential package

Introducing Business Essentials: a curated collection designed to empower your workforce for success in today’s digital economy. Our user-friendly platform delivers high-quality video courses, fostering engagement and skill development. Accessible via the Percipio Mobile Learning App, our micro-learning videos enable convenient learning anytime, anywhere.

Business Expert

Stay ahead of the curve with our Business Skills Expert solution, providing access to training on cutting-edge technologies, certification preparation, change management strategies, virtual collaboration guidance, and more. Our expertly curated resources cover a range of topics critical to enhancing business and team performance, including decision-making, diversity management, project management best practices, budgeting, communication essentials, customer relationships, Six Sigma, and more.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development at Every Tier- This program is meticulously crafted to address the leadership requisites of contemporary organizations. Equipped with essential competencies suitable for the digital era, it provides guidance to leaders at various stages of their careers, spanning from the initial stages to pivotal transition points in their leadership endeavors.

Legal & Compliance

Training forms the core of instigating behavioral change and fostering secure and ethical workplaces. Feel free to request a demonstration to gain deeper insights into how our Compliance Solutions can benefit your organization. Our approach typically commences by addressing the fundamental “Why Compliance” question and its associated ramifications before delving into optimal practices. Our expertise spans course development in various areas, including Code of Conduct, financial compliances like Anti Money Laundering, Sanctions, FATCA, Health and Safety, Information Security, Data Protection, and more. Our Training Programs Cover: 1. Compliance Training for Government Entities 2. Compliance Training for Higher Education Institutions 3. Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Training 4. Legal and Ethical Compliance Training 5. Workplace Harassment Training

ICT Technology & Developer package

Our Technology and Developer Skills courseware is meticulously crafted to cover essential technology solution domains and is regularly updated to stay in sync with ever-evolving technologies and relevant professional certifications. This program caters to the educational requirements, both formal and informal, of technology and developer experts working in large corporations or smaller firms. The curriculum encompasses a variety of task-oriented, multi-path practice scenarios to offer practical hands-on experience with technology products and applications.

Digital Transformation

We’re in an era of profound transformation due to continuous digital technology evolution, impacting all sectors. Digital transformation integrates tech throughout businesses for competitiveness. Using digital tech for productivity, efficiency, and innovation is a global corporate imperative. Comprehensive Topic Coverage Our Digital Transformation program offers resources to prepare organizations’ workforces, ensuring digital readiness throughout.

1. Digital Transformation Fundamentals
2. Data Science
3. Digital Marketing & Communication
4. Cybersecurity
5. Cloud Strategies
6. UX Design
7. Change Management
8. Big Data Analytics
9. Mobile App Development
10. Emerging Technologies

Safety, Health & Environment

Designed for individuals tasked with risk management in their organizations, our selection of compelling and reputable courses is aimed at ensuring your business achieves full compliance with Health and Safety Executive regulations. Meeting HSE compliance not only showcases your dedication to employee well-being and corporate social responsibility but also instills trust and confidence among your customers and suppliers.
Choose from our various course libraries that can be tailored to your specific needs or combined as a comprehensive package. Feel free to contact us for additional information on how we can meet your requirements.

Banking & Finance

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, it’s vital to enhance the skills of your finance and accounting professionals. It’s not enough to provide learning resources; they need the flexibility to learn at their convenience.
Your workforce is a significant investment, underscoring the importance of delivering information promptly to meet their needs.
Introduction to Financial Markets
Financial markets provide an overview of the various markets where financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities, are bought and sold. These markets serve as the foundation of the global financial system and play a crucial role in the allocation of capital and resources. Understanding financial markets is essential for investors, businesses, and policymakers as they influence economic growth and financial stability. This introduction explores the key concepts, participants, and functions of financial markets.

Whether you prefer customization or the complete package, our online Banking and Finance Knowledge Catalogue is also at your disposal.
Finance and Accounting Curriculum:
• Finance and Accounting Essentials for Non-financial Professionals (14)
• Accounting Fundamentals (12)
• Budgeting Essentials (5)
• Auditing Essentials (6)
• Capital Budgeting Essentials (5)
• UK compliance
• Other regulation/compliance
• Assets Management

Business Certifications & Qualifications

Grow Customer Relationships Via Technology Solutions.

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Unlock the Power of Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions to Cultivate Lasting Customer Relationships and Elevate Your Business Growth


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Global organizations require a common language for serving international customers, fostering cross-border collaboration, and maximizing the potential of a global workforce. We specialize in designing and managing Business English programs that drive tangible business results for our clients.

Global organizations need a common language to serve international customers, collaborate across borders and unlock the full potential of a global workforce. At voanda we design Business English programs that deliver measurable business impact by removing language and cultural barriers, so every global worker is empowered to contribute and thrive. We don’t just teach English. We help our customers develop and manage Business English programs that deliver measurable impact on their business performance.

We assist clients and their staff in various tasks, from assessing Business English proficiency to enhancing collaboration, customer service, and executive presentations. Our offerings focus on three key areas:

Fundamental language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening), industry-specific dialects, and practical business communication skills (presentation, negotiation, idea explanation).