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About Us

Voanda Internet Content Provider is a pioneering Learning and ICT solution provider that has been a cornerstone of Sudan’s technology landscape since its establishment in 2004. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Voanda has consistently served numerous businesses across Africa and the Middle East, enriching their digital capabilities and educational initiatives.

Voanda  is a distinguished B2B content reseller specializing in delivering online content solutions to businesses across various industries. With a core focus on data center offerings and comprehensive onboarding services for Business Support Systems (BSS), our company stands at the forefront of digital transformation.

At Voanda, we take pride in our strategic alliances with renowned international vendors and service providers, which allow us to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions and consultancy services to our valued clients. With a track record of innovation and a dedication to advancing digital learning and ICT solutions, Voanda Internet Content Provider continues to be a trusted partner in the pursuit of progress and success for businesses and institutions across the region.